Political marketing

A winning political or government campaign requires a sharp message. It also requires a sharp field and targeting plan, rapid response, political outreach, press strategy and direct voter contact—all executed at once, all executed without mistakes.

We begin by finding the path to victory

Then, whether by building new brands or tearing down establishment icons, we ruthlessly focus on executing compelling creative that leaves nothing to chance. Look, we know sometimes incumbents with safe seats have multiple priorities. But when it comes to marginal seats, we are laser-focused on 50% + 1.

Data drives our choices

We care enough about the issues and candidates we work for to make sure we send the right messages about them. Whenever possible, we actively participate in selecting and developing the research tools that will be used in gathering data that will impact our work.

We don’t leave anything to chance

No serious campaign was ever won by accident. We are meticulous planners. Surprises are what we spring on our opponents, not on our clients. You’ll know exactly what to expect from the mail plans we draft and agree upon. We keep our clients informed of the status of our work and follow up on every item to make sure no balls are dropped.

Targeting matters

Our clients vary in internal expertise and capacity. Whenever helpful, we assist them with crunching numbers—election returns, voter file data and budgets—to ensure that every precious campaign dollar is spent as efficiently as possible, communicating with the voters they need to speak to in order to win.

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